Conan The Barbarian was such a high concept movie that expecting Conan the Destroyer to be in the same *genre* was, in retrospect, too big an ask
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@PizzaFacts2go It is 6:30 am and I am on a phone, I do not accept typos as real
@HippyWizard One of my best call of cthulhu characters was a nerd college student who was obsessed with weird tales and a generic equivalent of conan the barbarian, whose slide into insanity involved him eventually believing he IS the barbarian.
@HippyWizard Which led to me fighting an imaginary necromancer in a thunderstorm on the roof of the winchester mystery house.
@HippyWizard His physical stats were really low but every time I tried to do something physical as the barbarian my dice consistently rolled hot. It was great
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@PizzaFacts2go I also love that a Weird Tales rpg pc became a different Weird Tales pc
@HippyWizard every good call of cthulhu group needs a barbarian
@PizzaFacts2go @HippyWizard me when my campaign got resolved by stabbing a corpse and setting a church on fire
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@Gender_Thief @PizzaFacts2go Ya know, I've never even been near a church in Call of Cthulhu... But I've set a tonne of old manor houses on fire
@HippyWizard @PizzaFacts2go it’s a great tactic for fighting things you absolutely do not want to directly look at
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@Gender_Thief @PizzaFacts2go In a Call of Cthulhu LARP I once ended up making a blanket fort and so the GM playing Nyarlathotep missed us, saving the two profs from Miskatonic, so I firmly believe in building over destruction
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@Gender_Thief @PizzaFacts2go I feel like you play characters who are described as "tweedy" less than I do
@HippyWizard @PizzaFacts2go i failed a sanity check twice but because of my character’s low intelligence i suffered no negative repercussions, as she was literally too stupid to notice that she was observing something impossible
@HippyWizard the only "high concept" Conan i want to see is the initial four-hour script written by Oliver Stone while snorting several hundred kilos of cocaine
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