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To understand why millennials hate you, you must understand capitalism. To understand capitalism, imagine being forced to play a game of Monopoly where one person starts with nearly all the money in the bank and all the properties… and what about you? Fuck you, that’s what.
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Adrian Cochrane mastodon (AP)
There was a conversation at a local board game group with plenty of them saying they don't want to play with someone who'll play Monopoly. And these are people desperate to play board games!

I have to concur...
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
I relate with the feelings, what an awful game on its own with a sad story to boot.
zem mastodon (AP)
I honestly don't understand the connection between the problem of uncontrolled capitalism and people born after the 1.1.2000 ! I doubt that there is one at all.
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Economic inequality increased sharply since at least 2008, people born after 2000 get the short end of the stick and complain, people born before 2000 criticize them for being lazy and entitled even though the opportunity field shrinked since their own youth.
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I mean, millenials are born before 2000, but they are the people entering the work force and markets before three recessions of such scale that assets are basically unknown.

As a very rich millenial, almost all of my wealth is familial, and so many friends with good degrees are just... Unemployed or underemployed for years at a time

Successful millenials have shadow economies to support themselves