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I am flat out ashamed of how long it took me to figure out how to just simply download the source code

and how long after that it took to figure out, y'know, I could have used git for that
I mean - GitHub definitely doesn't make that obvious (it wants you in the app).

But like - putting the most-recent-commit-comment next to each file means that people want commit comments that are SUPER DETAILED and have no space for commits of like "fixed variable names... whoops"
I'd be super curious to learn how it became The Thing. I am one of those who knew what github was before I knew what git was so I definitely do not know the history of this market domination thing and simply learned to hate it by trying to use it, the old-fashioned way
I remember back in early Uni when Git was becoming a thing. And I think GitHub got lucky, they had Git in their name, and SourceForge was constantly getting worse. But yeah - it's definitely weird. And now it's hard to discuss git without bringing in GitHub.