After American Gods I thought I would hate Ananzi Boys, but I tried

Anazi Boys was amazing

Gaiman said he wanted American Gods to be long and meandering, and succeeded too well, Anazi Boys was tight and strong
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@HippyWizard Anansi Boys is great! I still think of “I have nothing in my pocket” all the time
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@HippyWizard it was very much his attempt at writing a sorta comedic douglas adams-esque story but with of course his usual gaiman spin, and it was so good. i agree it's better than American Gods. really loved it.
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if you by chance didn't read it as an audiobook read by Lenny Henry, it is soooooooo good. His reading, I thought, added incredible dimension. 12/10 recommend!
Oh I believe it would work well as an audiobook! Sadly, I can't read audiobooks, I don't know why, I love podcasts. But all the Neil Gaiman audiobooks coming out right now look real good.