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Tabletop QOTD 2020-05-19

Borrowing from the idea of the Pluspora Check-in get some tabletop conversation going. If you have any questions that you want to get on the list to be asked, let me know. Also, if you'd like to be added or taken off the list of participants, let me know.

What is the pettiest reason that you've ever passed on or gave up on a game?

I wanted a Kickstarter project, but was in on too many at the time to spend the money. I messaged the person asking if I pledged $1 would I be able to get in on the pledgemanager and still get the stretch goals. He said that they'd have the same offerings in the pledgemanager after the project. Apparently there was some communication issue, because they didn't have that in the pledgemanager, so I got disgusted with the whole thing and just passed.

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Nathan V diaspora (via DFRN)
I refused to buy 5e because the PHB had ZS in it. He didn't even actually fucking do anything for the game. I just don't want anything with his name on it.

(Since his name was removed, I've been considering picking it up, but I think I might have missed my window of excitement. I've got other fantasy games, now.)
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I have not backed a kickstarter for over two years because of Amazon payments (and the hell of shipping)
This isn't something I typically say, but: apologies if the profanity offends. I'm generally a profane person, anyway, but that particular instance was the result of talking about a high-trigger subject on a day that's already trying. Even I'd say that was a little uncalled for.
Ho Boy.

Shadows of Malice might be my pettiest, though I'm sure there are others. Part of it was some of the ways it handled certain dice rolls. There's probably a really good game in there, but it felt kinda fiddly and overly complex for what was essentially a coin-flip mechanism.

I'm sure I'll think of others as soon as I hit "Comment" on this, but that's the one that sprung out for me.
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I don't think not picking up 5e due to Zak's presence is petty. He's a toxic blight on the community. And 5e is the lest-interesting version of D&D since ... ugh. Ever, I think.

I am - in general - a very petty person. But I've never noped out of a game for petty reasons. At least ... I don't think I have ...
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Hmmmm.... tough question.... I did have a game I gave up on running a number of years ago because I made the mistake of letting a friend talk me into letting him be the group leader for the party, ran 3 sessions, which he really liked, and then he became as erratic as hell but would not let me NPC his character or sideline it when he was absent, so we couldn't run the game without him being there.... that annoyed me to no end as I had to generate a totally different game for the rest of the group when he wasn't going to make it (and he wouldn't know until the day before the game). I gave up on running that game at all and became a super stickler over attendance which broke up the group.

I also walked once a long time ago on a GM for bad bait and switch, a thing I really hate in a game. Being told we're running X and to make a character with X guidelines three weeks before start and then the GM deciding to drop magic based characters into a storyline that he figures would run for 3 months without being able to do/use magic for the entire time because he decided magic was too complex to learn in the game system for him and not letting us make an appropriate character. (I have no problem playing non-magical characters or in a game setting with no magic, but I do have a problem with playing a character with almost no useful skills).

I'm sure I've got some others I'm not remembering.... oh probably a game or two I dropped because of GMs with a bad case of 'Girlfriend Favoritism' .

There are also a few games I'm sure I never bought because of price tag or premise that had zero hook for me.
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Craig Maloney diaspora (via DFRN)
Ah, here's another one: Castles and Crusades.

The reason was because what I thought was a game released under the OGL was an OGL game with their SIEGE engine carefully carved out and turned into Product Identity. That to me is kind of a shit move, so I divested myself of the line.

Which is a pity because I kinda liked it.

In fact there are more games that I've gotten rid of because of crap licenses.
Charles M diaspora (via DFRN)
I passed on playing several different versions of the same home-brew RPG some friends cooked up. It was a fantasy game and they'd tried to basically make it possible to play any class you could possibly imagine -- from farmer to wizard to whatever.

This was a train wreck. Each class had a set of specific skills with names. But there was NEVER a single description written for those skills. And so I'd pick up a character, choose some profession/class/whatever that seemed legit, spend my skill points based on what the skills were named, and then find that they were useless in any situation I could find. Asking "what do these skills mean?" would lead to vague waffling that didn't actually tell me anything. But the moment I'd try to use those skills, I'd be told that they didn't work that way.

I got fed up and quit. I hated not being able to understand my own character's abilities.
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Patrick Marchiodi friendica (via ActivityPub)
Tbh this doesn't sound petty at all, it's a totally legitimate reason to quit a game
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Nathan V diaspora (via DFRN)
@Eric Franklin No, perhaps not, but I'm generally not an especially petty person, I don't think, and not buying 5e because of his presence is at least more petty than not buying books he actually worked on.
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