Figuring out the distance aroind the earth at the international date line in order to figure out if the dragon in the Paperbag Princess would suffer relativistic effects

I think it's going about 20PSL
@HippyWizard How fast is the dragon going around? I get 4e7 meters, one trip per second is about 13% light speed; coefficient for relativistic effects at that speed is about 7.5% - so in the "measurable but not large" range. Faster trips, definitely relativistic, slower, probably not.
silverwizard friendica (via Twitter)
@dj3vande Wait, maybe it was 2PSL, it did a trip around the world in 5 seconds, I think I also calculated at equator not IDL like a chunp when I did it last time, since I realize that this princess is probably European therefore near Greenwich
silverwizard friendica (via Twitter)
@dj3vande I did the math a while ago, but I thought of the IDL thing just now
@HippyWizard For the difference between polar and equatorial radius we're talking parts per thousand - well below rounding threshold for the numbers we're talking about.