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Last night my PCs *defeated the faery queen*. It has been like 9 months? or so of prep to get here - and whoa.
The PC who was prophesied to defeat her was a wild Sorcerer (using Net Libram of Wild Magic). He struck her and "The target cannot be remembered by new people they meet"
The Queen of Faery, stripped of her titles with the death of the Thrice Great Crown, stripped of her claim to the world of Nonia by an upstart wild mage, has her ability to make a new title snatched from her by said mage. She cannot rise again, and her pattern dissolves.
It all came down to *a lot* of confidence from the players that the prophesy was true, and also, a perfect 1d10000 roll. *This* is why I love dice, by being an active agent at the table, they build amazing moments.