My two cents on Facebook
1) BGP is hard and all of the mistakes make sense
2) When I was a junior admin it was drilled into me to make network changes automatically revert in 10 minutes unless they are confirmed
Nanook friendica (via ActivityPub)
I've moved equipment from one data center to another requiring bpg-4 route changes, they propagated almost instantly, there is no way in hell bgp-4 route mistake was responsible for an eight hour outage, even with Farcebook's level of incompetency.
I mean, they have a custom rolled BGP setup, integrated with CI, and had to anglegrinder their servers out of rack cages

It seems real fun
Facebook's authoritative names were all stored in their BGP community.

Meaning that when they stopped routing, once their DNS TTL ended, everything NX Domained.

This is pretty simple and hundreds of independent observers saw it.

Also, if the government shut them down - they kinda woulda said so. Government domain jacking usually has had a banner in the past. And government employees tend to shout their accomplishments from the rooftops.
I guess I wonder why that explaination explains less than the "Facebook fucked up BGP" one
Again, why would that affect BGP announcements and *not* be marked out via the usual markings?

This was neither the normal method of domain seizure, nor similar.
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
I've seen the internal sabotage theory be floated around as well, in connection with the recent whistleblowing. It's possible on the same level as an accident, I suppose.
If it was an insider threat, that would be awesome and wonderful