Ya'll ever spend hours, during the most stressful time of your life, just writing a piece of software to replace a different piece of software you spent over $200 on?

Just me?
So I used Roll20 for a while, and I hated it. A lot.
Then I used FantasyGrounds for a while, especially for D&D. Currently using it for Dungeon World, and it works well.

But I am playing Blades in the Dark, and none of FantasyGround's features help. And then Shadowrun needs either a full ruleset or a lot less, and that sucks.

So, of course, I wrote a Shadowrun die roller and init tracker as a mumble bot plugin.

Like a nerd.
@HippyWizard Stressful, very yes... but also in the best way 🥰 imo
@HippyWizard Oh, I suppose except for my stuff....