Ok, so, I really don't know if I like Player Facing games, where the GM doesn't roll dice.

Person boxed in by enemies and my first thought is "Kick their asses, you'll probably roll enough partial successes to rarely take damage, you'll be fine"
@HippyWizard that's not a feature of who's rolling, it's a feature of the range of outcomes the mechanics provide (similar to "just squirm away from the guy holding a knife to your throat, it's a few points of damage, who cares" for people who play D&D with just the combat rules)
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@SaddestRobots Definitely. I agree. It's just hard to capture the moment where the player is reactive. Now, I tend to see this in games where players have very few defenses resources. So, maybe it's more a feature of all-or-nothing damage mechanics.
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@DuanBailey Definitely wasn't *directed*, but I think I made most of my thoughts clearer (although exhaustedly garbled) last night
@HippyWizard Yeah, no worries. I was mostly kidding ;)