The decentralized internet is cool because in the early 2000s a canadian politician tried and failed to get but someone blogged there.
And because they were a woman who swore the politician decided it was porn and tried to get it shut down, and the blogger wrote an article about how it was weird she got more traffic from confused Canadians but didn't even *know* that someone tried to shut her down. seems to still be a site, no idea if it's the same Belinda

Found her blog post! Look how good this is! This is the internet I want!

Also, it's definitely pornier than I remember, which is surprising since i was like 16 when this happened so I feel like that woulda been higher on my priority list.
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Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
I can guarantee you it isn't the same Belinda.
Yeah, once I found the blog I was sure.

This was originally a half remembered story from when my uncle worked for the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada