I’m still looking for a low priced annual payment VPS provider that has a somewhat lower risk (of closure, hardware failure, etc) than most LEB hosts, so I can launch temporary testing instances (for example, the upgrade of GS to the #ActivityPub enabled 2.0 branch, and looking at how well #Zap, #Pleroma, #Friendica instances fit into the !FNetworks roadmap).

I’m also considering adding a Federati instance, but I need to talk with the project about SSO options. Since they use Node.JS, I’d want it on a completely separate VPS, with some restrictions to prevent incidents. Also, if utilization is too low, that would likely close.

Currently, everything is still coming out of my pocket.
I host on Vultr, and they seem fine?
@silverwizard Didn't #Vultr move to #DigitalOcean's model of requiring a credit card on file and monthly billing? Because of my income pattern, monthly billing is a no-go.
Oh, maybe, last I checked no, but I do monthly and so might have missed it, sorry