I need to get a real OS on my pinebook, this KDE shit makes me so unproductive because it's just hard to find windows and programs
KDE is probably the only desktop environment that makes me productive.
I understand that there are humans for whom this is true. But for me it's the only thing out there worse than GNOME.

I am a dwm person at heart though, but only with my 10 years of personally homegrown patches.

So... uh, definitely don't go to me for advice.
Can you not just swap the WM out?
KDE is basically a system infection.
I haven't touched KDE in over a decade, so I can't comment. I do remember it being much more resource intensive than other options, though.
It's main core *thing* is that it has a fairly large set of libraries and a core that everything else builds off of. This means that its current build is pretty low cost (since it loads a small set of dynamic tools), but it also means that it doesn't play well with others.

If you try to install a single game from the KDE Games toolchain, and you're basically getting their full suite. And then it's gonna try to help *constantly*, and it's just going to be hard to use.