It bothers me how much my dad doesn't seem to be able to distinguish Hardware from Software

This would be less concerning if he had not written a commercially available Unix kernel clone that you might know

As it is, I worry about people's ability to think about computers
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Andy H3 friendica (via ActivityPub)
He sounds very up-to-date! Right with the current trend that deliberately obfuscates this distinction.
Yes, definitely. He fell victim to going from Unix Hacker to Venture Capitalist - meaning that he no longer has the skills. But the fact that he should know better means I get more frustrated with him than everyone else.

Him: "Why is this login screen not coloured the brand colours of the company?!"
Me: "Because... I... changed it?"

It's... infuriating
Andy H3 friendica (via ActivityPub)
Oh man. That sounds tough.
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Jonathan Lamothe mastodon (AP)
I think you just broke my brain.
Try living it! It's very weird!