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This seems good and worth following. If nothing else, it made me search a whole bunch of history.

A minor shame that the only ways to get direct updates are email and twitter, as I don't have a good email for curating reading lists and I basically don't use twitter.
integrate twitter with friendica!

But yeah - no RSS/Atom is bad
Why did RSS die? :(
I use it all the time - just most people consider it dead because they stopped using it, but few people have stopped supporting it

People just liked Google Reader
I mean, I haven't seen feeds to link to as often any more.
But also, yeah, I didn't find a reader I liked after Google reader, and not having a reader I liked _did_ help with my excessive webcomic consumption problem (as in, actively interfering with my life).
So I guess I shouldn't complain about RSS being dead, but about me not using it.
I guess I always used them... weirdly

*mostly* for podcasts
Being able to get a friendica digest via rss sounds interesting.
Probably not worth it. But interesting.
Friendica can *read* RSS - and you can subscribe to users via RSS on Mastodon, not sure if Friendica outputs an RSS feed - though it should
Hey! It works! I wasn't sure, but I knew it might be, but it's not well documented apparently
It's absolutely not documented, and worse, I can't access those URLs if I'm logged in, it redirects to /network 🤷‍♂️
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Wait - so my RSS reader needs to be logged in to pick up changes?! To non-private accounts?!
Read again.
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Then I have a very specific issue on my node and it's all good!
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You are also probably running a later version than me?

But I also might have a less obsessive htaccess?

Though we both seem to be running up to date apache on Debians
I'm running the current develop but I don't think it is significant.
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