Who's idea was video recipes?!
@HippyWizard Its not really a new idea, its cooking shows with a lower production value, and far less entertainment factored in.

But they do suck.
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@nuintari Oh, I get that it's basically a cooking show, but PLEASE don't publish recipes that way >.<
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I am disappointed but not surprised a man made a website to mock women writing for cooking websites/blogs. Unfortunately it is part of a larger trend to appropriate/strip women of meaningful creative work.

Notice how he doesn't care why recipes have to be written like this, he just goes straight to blame "Becky", an archetypal women who, evidently, writes way too much for absolutely no good reasons.
I gotta admit I didn't read the About Us

But also, it's definitely a valid problem. I don't think all recipe blogs are run by women, but it's definitely a thing.

But also - there's a valid argument that recipes are full of shit, and it's annoying. But apparently it's a *copyright* thing, and it exists and is horrible.
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My friend made a recipe website to counter the copyright part, without having to mock anyone:

Completely coincidentally, they aren't a man.

Also it doesn't matter if all recipe blogs are written by women or not, the important is that this guy publicly assumes they are.
I mean, I definitely don't support mocking women. But I also fundamentally just want some damn recipes.

I would definitely also use cuisine-libre if ?lang=en localized the recipes ;)
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Huh, I thought French was an official Canadian language? 😁
Nah, we let people into universities based on average grades, so learning is discouraged
@HippyWizard As I understand it, the blame lies with facebook being shady with view counts for a few years and now the internet is awful.
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@TheSturgington You're 100% correct. And everyone with a share in Facebook should be strung up for it