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Could you imagine a world where these get tossed in a dumpster causing waste instead of being loved?
I'm not surprised Comic Book fans would applaud the cops but damn it still hurts.
I mean, Chris seems generally good - but yeah - it's making me sad
Comic books are full of cops and inherently evil characters, popular culture fandom is rife with purity/canon/authority tropes, so I'm not holding my breath waiting for widespread anti-cops feelings.
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I mean - you're getting into a lot of questions there - like - yes - the canon interpretation of superheroes as double cops is 100% a thing you can do, and there's the role of fascism in super heroics. But at the same time - there's the role of heroes as the force that rejects traditional policing and protects their communities. The way that Spawn is explicitly a member of a community of homeless people, and protects them, especially from an overbearing government being an obvious point.

But at the same time - comics aren't just superhero comics, there's noirs, romance, and so on. Sure - they aren't the most popular, but are important to be part of any discussion of comic book fans.

As for the role of evil in comics - that's even more complicated. Sure - there's definitely the problems of the Comics Code which explicitly disallowed characters being anything other than cartoonishly evil, and explicitly had to lose at the end of the issue. And the way that those characters have grown and changed since the 80s when the comics code died has been very hit and miss. But I don't believe that modern comics are primarily about Good and Evil but instead Selfish and Selfless in important ways. Although that doesn't take into account mystic and cosmic forces - which are part of the process.
Thank you for the detailed follow-up. I don't think comics themselves are single-faceted, but aside from notable outliers, they aren't likely to foster an anti-police sentiment. Neither is the fandom around comics (or any other popular culture items) like I grazed above.
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Well - yeah - I think all of culture is generally pro-police, so most facets of it are