Me talking about cleaning the house: "we could probably get rid of 100 to 150 books"
Also me: "so yeah, about 5% of our books"
@HippyWizard Get rid of 5% of your books every year. If the bottom 5% includes anything you want to keep that means you're not buying enough new books.
silverwizard friendica (via Twitter)
@dj3vande Nah, it means I am buying quality books
@HippyWizard If your aggregate book purchases have that level of quality, it means you're not being adventurous enough with your purchases.
@dj3vande @HippyWizard I was about to argue, but we STILL own the phrenology of Barack Obama.... and so I can't argue...
@HippyWizard @dj3vande Clearly your suffering and the pandemic has altered your perception of reality
silverwizard friendica (via Twitter)
@FireflyLeigh @dj3vande Oh come, you know I thought that before

Unknown Armies
Burning Wheel
Phrenology of Barack Obama
Signs and Symbols Sourcebook
@HippyWizard @dj3vande Hmm, your right, this problem has persisted for quite a while... I'm concerned