Havin' a "sudo su" kinda night
Andy H3 friendica (via ActivityPub)
Sounds awesome!

Can I ask why to use sudo su instead of su? I'm asking because on Debian/ Devuan sudo is not automatically enabled for the first user account.

What are the practical security implications?
Main reason being that on a lot of systems I use don't have a password on the root account, or more often, I don't know it. sudo su lets me use my password. For my personal systems it doesn't matter - but for, say, diving into root-owned logs folders on work systems, keeping sudo su in my fingers is easier.

It was more "I am screwing with ZFS so every command needs sudo and it was a pain" than awesome ;D
Andy H3 friendica (via ActivityPub)
Makes sense. Thanks.
JB Carroll friendica (via ActivityPub)
@silverwizard Let me know how you like zfs!
I've been using ZFS for about two years! I just was adding disks to a mirror, and working at a novel scale.

When people say it likes RAM, they aren't wrong, but otherwise it's basically what I think a filesystem should be!
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Yeah I just upgraded the ram in my server for that reason. Between that and giving lots of RAM for my MariaDB buffer pool, things are really responsive!
I upped my server to 64 GB of RAM over the course of this year in pieces, and I just installed 64GB of SWAP, but considering that it's mostly running web, email, unifi, household NAS requirements, an internet radio stream, and a few other things - it's getting used - but it's not getting *beaten* like a large mariadb would
JB Carroll friendica (via ActivityPub)
I have both my Friendica server and Nextcloud on this server. Especially on Friendica I noticed significant improvements my increasing the pool, and zfs storing most recent things in RAM helps speed up the rest.
Oh, yeah - I host Friendica elsewhere. And yeah, it sure as hell has a memory profile.

I am thinking of moving NextCloud closer to home, since disk is a lot cheaper.