I have worked at two kinds of companies:
Those that have a capable ticketing and project management system
Those that have Jira
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#Jira is a nightmare to maintain, hard to use, very slow, bogging down, with trainee level security bugs, without any useful feature (it's even very hard to CC Users your ticket and put some watchers correctly). It's a technology debt that companies are paying several thousands of dollars annually without even giving "Jira and Teams" compensations on the wage slip. Thanks #Atlassian for your fucking business of irresponsability.
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do you have a preferred system or software?
I mean - pick a tool that matches your workflow!
Trello has been good for small ad-hoc tasks
RT is the best system I've used for discrete tasks (especially with high communications)
I know lots of teams that work well with issues in Gitea/GitHub
But generally - using things that match your teams, don't try to force your tasks into a tool