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I don't wanna work, I just wanna bang out documentation all day... πŸŽΆβ€‹
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but isn’t that work too? πŸ€“

My wife recently made me my very pissed off "WTFM" shirt, so I appreciate the want!
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@silverwizard πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈβ€‹
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
@silverwizard But more importantly, how's your Silent run going in Slay the Spire?
Yeah that was a pretty bad run

I really hate slay the spire, but it's basically a fidget spinner
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@silverwizard I've had better consistency with the Silent than any of the other classes (except the 4th one they added recently, didn't try). The Defect is the worst for me, the first card you're gaining can make or break a run.
The Defect is the wizard and therefore the best single class in the game. But a giant problem of my Slay the Spire play is that I can guess if I'm going to win or lose basically by the end of the first boss, since basically the randomness is both massively capricious, and also wildly constraining.
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
@silverwizard Indeed, and sometimes even before, which feels like a massive wast of time. Maybe I'm not playing it the right way? Anyway, it doesn't seem to be for me. I prefer campaign-based card games where new cards are permanently acquired to be included in a fixed deck.
I love longterm card games?! Got recommends for campaign ones?!