Fucking hell

I am crying

this is devestating
THREAD: There are 9,000 people caged in the downtown Houston jail, most of them solely because they can't pay cash. The situation is getting dire: "We don't have any running water anymore." (1)
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IANAL, but doesn't US law require a vendor to accept cash? I mean my understanding is that they can refuse a cash transaction, but once a debt is incurred I believe they must accept cash as a payment option.

If so, how are people ending up in jail over this? I must be missing something.
They don't have cash. They have credit. But they can't pay that way because the power is out.
@silverwizard, ohhhhh... got it.

Sorry, I've been living under a rock. I'd heard something about a problem with the power grid in Texas, but I hadn't put two and two together.

Thanks for the clarification.
Yeah, makes sense.

But yeah- Texas is having a real bad... everything

Failure of the American state, climate crisis, and failed state policy don't go well together