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I'm thinking about a post @silverwizard showed me a while ago about how friendica and mastodon are somehow not actually an example of a non-single source (I don't remember the exact phrase) open community-regulated social media and now that I have tipped my feet in, it makes even less sense to me how that could possibly be the case...
They said that Mastodon (friendica? ActivityPub? Standards?! Never heard of them) wasn't centralized, because someone needed to host the software.
Becky friendica
Ah, I suppose there at least might be an argument for that, but there's literally tons of instances and the website walks you through how to host your own...
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Wasn't centralized or decentralized?
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Now I'm curious about the original post.
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Ah, I've seen this kind of maximalism about self-hosting everything and peer-to-peer as the only true decentralization, and I couldn't care less about this useless purism.

Ah, yes, they actually spell "TRUE decentralization" several tweets into their rant. On Twitter.

Utterly useless.
You see, it's not perfect, so I'll go to worse!

But also - they object to the idea of self hosting when I asked whatever the fuck they were talking about.
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So, even more useless than I thought then? "Can't have your data stolen if you don't have any data, checkmate!"?
I think they want that thing that Opera had as a theoretical model like 20 years ago, where your web browser had a webserver, and some sort of centralized hub manages DNS, but your website is hosted on your PC

But there's lots of reasons why that was
a) centralized
b) didn't work
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I ended up finding your "discussion" with them and, huh, I didn't get anything from it.

- Centralized instance is WRONG, self-hosting is HARD!
- Then what?
- Read my first sentence again, ha ha ha! *disappear in a puff of smoke*
Yeah, I really tried to engage, and got... nothing.

I unfollowed, moved on, and, bitched to some friends (including my wife) about how this person was frustrating.