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Guh - this just feels like Disney ground the post-OT era into the ground, destroyed all the good will the EU had, so they've decided to make a "new Era" with a lot of Jedi, as a different space

I hate to say "they're gonna make Star Wars boring" - but I feel it
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Original Trilogy
Expanded Universe (what Disney calls Legends)

Get hip to the star wars jive!
To put it simply, the most recent trilogy made me nostalgic of the prequel trilogy, so I will keep ask you questions about Star Wars jive.
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I saw TFA

I... stopped after that

I keep meaning to go see TLJ and TROS but... man am I not excited for them

That being said Rebels was REALLY good when it was good, and TERRIBLE when it was bad

Rogue One was painfully dumb but incredibly immersive and *felt* right

Solo was just boring
Rogue One is easily the best Star Wars movie I’ve seen as an adult. It was exactly what I imagined a Star Wars RPG one-shot game would be.
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Yeah! I would be so good!

I also LOVED the Force Mystics, and the looming Star Destroyer

One thing Rebels and Rogue One did well was make the Empire ships seem *terrifying*
i still have to see Rogue One. Also, I heard a lot of people praise the Clone Wars series
Clone Wars was the centrist liberal of the Star Wars universe and people love it for that (what if EVIL and GOOD were evil! Because the Jedi in the PT were BORING and had RELIGIOUS BELIEFS! If we met modern people with those beliefs THEY WOULDN'T MAKE SENSE! Checkmate!)

But for the most part it was an ok kids show with some later episodes being at least cool

EmeraldMagus doesn't like this.

Prequel Trilogy

That was a gimme

Guess what ST is!
Star Trek? Wait. Skywalker Trilogy?
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I’m bad at this and I forewarned you about it.
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