Today at 6am I made a joke about Endianness to and it ruined our morning because I needed to spend an hour explaining the concept to her while she got increasingly angry that computers didn't standardize on something
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@HippyWizard @FireflyLeigh Why would we ever standardize on something when making sure all of the possible options happen is a viable alternative?
She wants me to clarify that she was more mad that little endian made no sense to her
Wait - is little Endian the main one now?! Oh no! Poor Beck
@silverwizard @FireflyLeigh ARM and POWER started out BE, then they gained LE modes, and from what I understand people run at least ARM mostly in LE these days.
Alexandre Oliva gnusocial (AP)
to me, 8th of July makes as much sense as July 8th, and twenty-five makes as much sense as five-and-twenty, they're just matters of representation. BE and LE are both present in day-to-day life too
Yeah! Seriously!

but I also like Reverse Polish Notation
@Alexandre Oliva @silverwizard In human verbal communication LE makes sense because it allows progressive revelation of more context and you can stop when the receiver heard enough to get it. Or I guess it's really more like "reverse network order" in that case.

In computers I hear LE is good because a narrow word and a wide word written to the same address put their lower bits in the same place, but I don't know when that is ever used to any advantage. Normally you expect a specific width, no? Maybe it's because I didn't write any device drivers.
Jonathan Lamothe mastodon (AP)
I remember discovering the concept of endianness when I started to teach myself assembly. It took me longer to figure out what was going on than I'd like to admit.
I have never learned assembly, and probably should. But I have nerd parents.

And am aware of the horror of middle endian
Jonathan Lamothe mastodon (AP)
I can't honestly say that I've *properly* learned it either. I know just enough to be dangerous.