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So he hates creativity and joy, got it
2020-07-30 21:14:07
Spotify CEO Daniel Ek says working musicians can no longer release music only “once every three to four years.”…

it’s a hard sell
Reminds me of Stock Aitken Waterman. They had the opinion that creating an album was a process that mustn't last longer than 14 days ...
Wow, that seems greuling as hell, but an intense creative challenge
Do you know their songs? They all sound the same.
Ah, OK, that makes more sense then :D

But no, I had to search to make sure it was a band and not something else ;)
Well it wasn't a band, but a producer team for Rick Astely, Kylie Minogue and some more.
Ah! That definitely explains why every Rick Astley song is exactly the same