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I just found a web form so low contrast, that to see the text boxes, I viewed the page source, and had to mouse over each div for Firefox to highlight it, so I could find the textbox to click in
Searching the internet for constants in the files found this CMS:
Do you need help with that?
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I mean, I am just trying to order flowers for my mom's birthday, I am just pointing it out as something *theming* problems
Oh, ok *closes GitHub Concrete5 repo page*
Oh no! Did you work on it?
10 seconds at most, then I asked you the question.
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Ah, OK
If you want to excise horrible contrast from the web, please do though!
Have you tried disabling CSS?
I actually keep meaning to make a firefox extention to let me set my own CSS overrides
You should know that I have *opinions*
I do, but it will never prevent me from telling you most are *wrong*.
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My opinions are *opinions* - they are strong and varied

And typically make me happier
I... I can't argue with that. I do want you to be happy, even if it is happy and wrong.
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I am not sure how I am wrong - especially in this case
Unless you've already been testing a plethora of those extensions to no avail, I do not believe making your own is the most effective way to order flowers for your mom's birthday.
I mean, I already *did* that

This was just reminding me of the thing I already wanted