My Fate experience is that a lot of new games are either big sprawling settings, or specific tightly coupled mechanics. Fate is not that, except Dresden Files (whose star has waned)

Fate is great at the table, but it's hard to pitch, and it's publishing makes that harder

Anyway, Fred has characterized Fate as not being a next gen game, but rather tail end of last gen, and all of this is a large part of why I agree with that sentiment.

This is not a criticism or a complaint - just an acknowledgment that we're old. :)

Evil Hat constantly Wile E Coyotes around putting games out of print then publishes graphs saying they don't sell
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non-Evil Hat Fate games are some of my favorite games oddly enough. Mindjammer is probably my favorite RPG. I also really like Olivia Hill's #iHunt.
Ug, I need to play Mindjammer

But yeah, those are *games* with Fate as the core. Not selling you lego without instructions
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You should play... With me! Any other takers!!!!!?????
I have a toddler and a newborn, am playing weekly dungeon world, biweekly Blades in the Dark, and biweekly Shadowrun

if you can find time I can't I'm in!
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lucky, i have a 4 yr old and 1 yr old and still have trouble squeezing in games. Had some fun playimg 2d20 Star Trek a month or so ago but that dried up.
Oh man, Mophideous Star Trek looks good, I wanna try

My wife is incredibly wonderful, and very supportive
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Its pretty good. The campaign didn't last long enough for me to have strong feelings about the system, but I enjoyed it. We crewed an intrepid class ship just after the Voyager disappeared.

Never explored why a socialist society would give the Captain luxury accommodations and amenities while having almost no non-holographic recreational space for the crew. Or what kind of hammerspace generators were at play on the shuttlebay....