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Prepping to go to my cottage this weekend. And the only emotion associated with that place is anxiety. Fuck.

I think this is the first time I've gone as an adult without familial encouragement.
My wife needs out of our house *bad*
We are prepping to go and I mentioned we should probably bring our own life jackets because "My grandma got angry if the life jackets got wet" and I am not sure if my dad or uncle still feel that way. And everything in that building is an emotional landmine. There's so much tradition, anxiety, and fear placed into that place.
Do I replicate the behaviour of my family, and ruin our weekend? Or do I take the forthcoming crap from my dad if I let things slack for the weekend?

And like - it's *his cottage*, it's not like he can't have a say about its use. And I am an adult now, we could rent a cottage for the weekend if we want to avoid this. But that would be a different *thing*.
This sounds like a fresh First World Hell.
My family has some hellish landmines. But yeah "poor me and my lakefront cottage" makes it feel awkward to complain about too.
Well it is a problem that's affecting you. The important is not to take it personally if someone is offended by your personal rant.
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No, definitely, it's just hard not to feel spoiled. But also, anxiety spiking in general, so
I believe you can recognize your privilege without feeling guilty about it, after all you didn’t choose to be born in a wealthy family. It isn’t your fault you didn’t experience first hand what it is like to grow up poor.
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